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Retrieval of Motions and Potential Deformation Threats (remotIO)

Retrieval of Motions and Potential Deformation Threats (remotIO)

The remotIO project focuses on the operational exploitation of Sentinel-1 mission for detection of potential deformation threats from Multi-Temporal InSAR (MTI) deformation maps. Our vision is to provide easy-to-interpret outputs intended for non-expert users by improving and automating some of the routine procedures involved in professional InSAR expertise, what we see as the key step towards widespread usage of InSAR data.

The visual inspection of millions of scatters with wide area coverage capabilities of Sentinel-1 is not more sufficient in providing useful insights into the actual nature of undergoing processes. Our ambition is to examine data mining tools in order to improve the clarity of InSAR products, highlighting the full potential of Sentinel-1 mission.

Designing algorithms that search for anomalies and indicate specific phenomenon will help professionals to adopt advanced processing strategies in order to mitigate violating effects. On the other hand, providing add-on information about potential deformation threats in monitored area is crucial for end-user in order to establish intervening or preventing actions.

Aiming at improving the understanding of kinematical behaviour of our changing environment, we are challenged to make the interpretation of InSAR results easier for key target audiences: industrial service providers, decision and policy makers, scientific and technical communities.

The projects aims to design a portfolio of higher level data products tailored according to demands of a wide variety of expert and non-expert InSAR users

Check the project webpage at http://remotio.space

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