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InSAR Technology

An effective tool for ground deformation monitoring

For years, scientists dreamed of a “geodetic camera” which would be able to snap a detailed picture of how much the ground is moving. The dream has become reality: colorful images of surface deformation are being produced  from data acquired by spacecrafts.

Sentinel-1 radar vision (Credit: ESA/ATG medialab – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0, Source: esa.int)



Outdated information

Or structures not monitored at all! Bridges, dams, urban areas and historical buildings are not under vital surveillance

Under potential risk

Structures are built in close vicinity to hazardous slopes or are threatened by landslides, earthquakes or human-induced changes

Expensive in-situ monitoring

Terrestrial health checks are costly in terms of time, equipment and labour. Spatially extensive areas (hundreds of kilometres) are hardly observable


Precise deformation analysis

Our products - deformation maps - are point clouds with precise displacement time series over monitored objects. Objects can be measured with millimetre accuracy and in high resolution (up to 25 cm).

Frequent space observations

We offer deformation monitoring of man-made structures via remote sensing technology in a range of applications using frequent satellite acquisitions (up to 12 hrs).

Reliable outputs

We provide monitoring of infrastructure stability and advanced situation awareness during evolving and complex deformation processes like landslides, building collapses, highway disruptions, dam failures and earthquakes.

Dedicated team & support

We are devoted to monitoring of the Earth’s surface deformation, whilst ensuring that our customers are protected in the face of a natural or man-made disasters.

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